Export Formidable Forms form data

To export entries from a form within Formidable Forms to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel is a simple process.



View all of your forms


First you will need to get into the Formidable Forms page where you see all your forms. Steps      

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard (www.example.com/wp-admin)
  2. Scroll down until you see Formidable (it will show up on the left side menu)
  3. Hover over Formidable and click on Forms
  4. Now you should see all of your forms

Export form entries


To export form entries to a CSV file, which can be opened by Excel or other software, follow the steps be  

  1. Click on the form you want to export the entries from (Note: when you hover over the form you want, you can also click on the edit or settings button to get into the form as well)
  2. When inside the form click on Entries at the top of the page, above the form
  3. Now you will see all of the form entries that have been submitted
  4. By default if you click on Download CSV it will download all form entries.

    However if you only want to download only certain entries, click on the box next on the left next to each entry.

    Once you're done selecting all the entries you want to download, click Download CSV, then only the entries you selected will download.

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