Staff Account Permissions

Staff Account Permissions 

Account Permissions Available

With our Client Portal, you have the ability to choose what your staff have access to with their Staff Account/Contact.

There are 3 prebuilt options for staff accounts permissions, Technical Support, Accounting, Full Privileges

Technical Support:  This gives your staff the ability to manage all aspects of your products and services, including domains, SSL certificates, hosting package, and WP maintenance packages.

Accounting: This gives your staff the ability to manage all aspects surrounding billing and paying invoices.

Full Privileges: This gives your staff the ability to manage all account aspects, including technical support and accounting and paying invoices.


We also have granular permissions for each area of billing, support, domains, hosting, and other products we have.


  • Receiving billing notifications
  • Receive quotes/estimates
  • Accept order contracts
  • Add Funds
  • View service prices
  • Receive new invoices
  • Allow to view/pay invoices
  • Receive order emails
  • Edit credit card details
  • Receive invoice reminders
  • Place new orders
  • View current balance
  • View/Accept estimates


  • Open New tickets
  • Receive email notifications
  • View current tickets
  • Close tickets
  • Have no access to support


  • View basic details
  • View Related invoices
  • View related services
  • Manage Privacy
  • Change domain owner
  • Register Nameservers
  • Renew Domain
  • Manage DNS Settings
  • Unlock or Lock domains
  • Manage billing contact
  • Receive related email notifications
  • Manage AutoRenew
  • Manage contact information
  • Request EPP/Auth Code

Managed WP Hosting

  • View basic details
  • Upgrade/Downgrade service
  • View related tickets
  • View related emails
  • Manage Email Accounts
  • Access control panel File manager
  • Access control panel SSL Certificates
  • Change owner
  • View billing
  • Reveive related email notifications
  • Manage and accept contracts
  • View downloads
  • Access Webmail
  • Manage FTP accounts
  • Manage Auto Renew Status
  • Reset Password for cPanel
  • Request to cancel hosting
  • View related invoices
  • View related services
  • Access the web hosting control panel
  • Managed Email Forwarding
  • Manage Login Details
  • Manage billing contacts

Other Services:

  • View basic details
  • Upgrade/downgrade service
  • View related tickets
  • View related emails
  • Change billing cycle
  • View billing information
  • Receive related emails
  • Manage and Accept contracts
  • View downloads
  • Change service owner
  • Request cancellations
  • Manage Related Invoices
  • Manage Related Services
  • Manage billing contact

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