Configure Incoming E-mail Rules

Incoming E-mail Rules

You can specify several rules that will apply to Clean messages only, before they reach your Inbox.

This will allow you to deliver certain messages to special folders or redirect them to other e-mail addresses.

Rules will apply in the order they are created

Add a new rule

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your full e-mail address ( ) and current password.
  3. Click on Delivery Rules icon
  4. Click on the New Rule button
  5. Enter a unique rule name ( without spaces in the name ) and click on Add Rule button
  6. Click on the Edit icon (pencil) next to the newly created rule

Rules are composed of two sections. Conditions and Delivery rules once a match is found

You can add multiple Conditions and multiple Delivery rules within one rule.

After you click on the Edit rule icon, you will see buttons to create Conditions and Delivery rules.

Within the Condition you can match a message on the From, To, CC, To or CC, Subject, List-ID fields, or according to Message size.

Let's setup up a condition for our new rule. Click on one the two buttons: NEW 'AND' CONDITION or NEW 'OR CONDITION'.

Define your conditioning. Below is an example of a condition that will check for a certain text in the e-mail's subject.

Match Field: Subject
Condition: Contains
Negate match: No
Term: test subject

After the new conditions has been defined, click on the button Add Condition button.

You will see that your rule is now partially created, with a condition, but missing a delivery rule (action). Delivery Rules can be used to either deliver the message to a specific folder, send it to another e-mail address or delete it.

So now, let's choose our desired action. We will click on the Deliver to e-mail button, and inform a certain e-mail address, as we want to forward emails that have a subject "test subject" to this address. After that, click on the Deliver button.

Let's add yet one more rule, as we want the original account to also receive such emails. So let's click on Deliver to Folder an choose the original account's Inbox.

Now, check the Status of the rule, on the top. It will probably show as DISABLED. Click on top of DISABLED so it becomes ENABLED and, finally, click on the Save Rule button.

A new rule won't take effect until the Activate button is clicked after you finished building your rule. After each modification to the Clauses or Delivery rules, the Activate button must be clicked.

Remove a rule

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your full e-mail address ( ) and current password.
  3. Click on the Delivery Rules icon
  4. Click on the "-" icon (minus sign) next to the rule you want to remove


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